Corus x Grafiti - Delivering Compelling Insights

Tell a more engaging story by combining graphs with custom insights

Drill down from the macro to the micro easily with Grafiti combined with Corus. These tools together allow users to take high level graphical information to set the table for their custom insights

Ready to share the findings of your latest market research study? It's helpful to start from a high level talking about overall industry trends. Then dive into the specifics of your customers. The partnership of Grafiti and Corus makes this type of presentation a snap.

Key features:

  • Access to a library of ready-made insights and charts  - don't do the custom work if you don't have to!
  • Access to 80M customers globally as you zero in on specific areas to dissect.
  • Ability to construct a really compelling story with the information you've assembled
  • A database of thousands of charts sourced from reputable resources like the Financial Times, Statista, The Economist, and more!
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And there's more coming soon

Future integrations streamline the entire process

As we work together the integration of Corus and Grafiti will mean that you can access all your Grafiti charts from the Corus library in a snap.

Drag and drop charts as well as your custom insights into ready-made presentations, without skipping a beat.

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